RS Component's offers a hassle-free service to take the pain out of exporting MRO parts and tools to locations around the world

With around 50,000 parcels being shipped to over one million customers around the world on a daily basis, RS is the definition of a global supplier. And this distribution network offers a number of benefits for customers looking to export parts, tools and other products to locations outside the UK.
“Any company operating in more than one country will benefit from working with a global supplier,” says Lee Kilminster, Sales Director, International Sales and Distribution Partners at RS Components. “It negates the need for a large number of individual suppliers across a network, so the company can work with a small network of trusted suppliers that are capable of delivering products wherever they need them.
“At RS we understand the challenges of exporting and have built a best-in-class global network to support our customers.”
RS offers four key benefits in its exporting service to ensure that customers get any product they need delivered anywhere they need it on time, and without any difficulties.
1. Network
RS offers a variety of delivery options around the world that include courier service, air, sea and trailer deliveries, which give the customer multiple options for a quick and compliant global delivery. Delivery time expectations for courier delivery for Europe in one to two days, the Middle East in two to three days, the US in three to four days and Asia in seven days. RS gives customers the option to pay in UK sterling, US dollars or euros. In addition, RS has partnerships in place with a number of major carriers, which allows it to provide competitive freight costs.
"Any company operating in more than one country will benefit from working with a global supplier "Lee Kilminster, Sales Director, International Sales and Distribution Partners, RS Components
2. Documentation
RS has expertise in ensuring all packages have the relevant documentation in place to clear customs, with items correctly packaged to meet all relevant regulations, and RS also has specially trained people to ensure all hazardous goods are ‘picked and packed’ to IATA standards with all the relevant documentation for all hazardous goods.
3. Compliance and export controls
RS employees have specialist training from the Institute of Export and International Trade Organisations, which ensures all orders comply with national and international laws with all records covered by export control legislation kept for five years. RS’s systems also recognise red flag indicators (including dual-use products) for deliveries to sensitive countries. RS ensures that all exports meet strict controls and regulations. This includes group embargoes, national export control, dual-use regulations, international sanctions and the Denied Persons list.
4. Service
Because RS has such a large global network, customers can be assured that they will receive a consistency of service. RS provides a high standard of service, offering products that customers can trust, which is not necessarily the case if organisations choose to work with local MRO suppliers.