RS offers its' customers peace of mind with an expert calibration service

Any organisation that regularly makes use of measuring instruments will be aware of the importance of ensuring that those devices provide accuracy and repeatability. RS has identified this as a way in which it can provide customers with an accredited calibration service.
In the UK, the standard for the competence of calibration laboratories, ISO17025, is assessed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the accreditation of which is accepted all around the world. RS has over 30 years of continued accreditation status for its calibration laboratory.
“Ultimately, it’s vital that our customers are using calibration to enhance their reputation and reliability, to increase the number of companies they work with and, most importantly, to reduce the risk of their tenders being rejected or contracts terminated because they haven’t been working to set standards,” says Emma Botfield, Managing Director for the UK & Ireland at RS.
" Calibration is a business critical area – if your instruments are not calibrated, you’re putting your organisation at risk "Emma Botfield, Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, RS
“Calibration is a business-critical area, whatever area you work in, be it as a machine builder, in a maintenance organisation, or as part of your process control instrumentation. Without reliably calibrated instruments you cannot rely on the data the instruments are giving you. If the products, or the potential service that you’re operating, fail because you haven’t calibrated your instruments or you haven’t measured in the right way, you’re putting your organisation at risk,” she says.
She explains the core areas of the calibration service provided by RS: “There are two types of calibration we offer. There is calibrating a device at the point of purchase, so that when you buy test and measurement equipment from RS we ensure that it has already been calibrated when you receive it – this avoids the need to do these things separately through multiple suppliers, which in turn helps a business cut its procurement costs.
“And then we have a recalibration service, which is when a customer-owned product needs to have a calibration performed to confirm that it continues to work as expected, which is typically on an annual basis.”
RS has a team based in Corby, who provide a highly respected, market-leading calibration laboratory service at the UKAS-accredited centre. As Botfield says: “Not every company can offer this level of accreditation.”
She adds: “We are always looking at ways to improve our offering around calibration. For example, we’ve built a really proactive customer service methodology. This has provided us with a significant database of our customers who use calibration services and we have launched automatic alerts for customers to help them understand when products need to be calibrated and where. We work with customers to offer a bespoke service that meets their production needs. For example, working with a well-known beverage manufacturer, we arranged for all their calibrated instruments to be sent to our laboratory in Corby during their annual shutdown, ensuring that no critical instruments were unavailable during production.”
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