Driving MRO efficiency
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This year's Indirect Procurement Report provides an in-depth overview of the fast-changing category of supplies for Maintenance, Repair and Operations


Making MRO sustainable

Sustainable and ethical procurement has risen to the top of the strategic agenda for MRO professionals. With stakeholders expecting the highest standards, procurement holds the company’s reputation in its hands.

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"When the pandemic hit, it was like a heart attack for the global economy – the flow of goods slowed or stopped before organisations worked out how to keep things going."

Helen Alder, Head of Knowledge,
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply


Managing the COVID recovery in MRO

After the disruption caused by the pandemic, recovery has brought its own problems as organisations try to scale up production. The pressure is on to get things moving again.

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"Our survey points clearly to the business value of having trusted, resilient suppliers."

Emma Botfield, Managing Director UK & Ireland,
RS Components

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