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Driving procurement efficiency for MRO supplies

Why organisations underestimate the true costs of MRO

This report explains that if an organisation’s MRO products spend budget is £100,000, they actually spend more than £300,000 in total procurement costs.

How big data can help unlock MRO savings

Research shows companies that embrace data analytics in their decision-making process see, on average, a 26% improvement in performance.

Understanding the distinct nature of MRO costs

Many organisations overlook or underestimate MRO costs due to the complexity of the process. The report outlines why indirect costs are often missed compared with direct procurement.

The importance of consumption profiling for MRO

This white paper highlights the importance of data to an effective MRO strategy. Organisations are recommended to create a detailed consumption profile that shows the volume and frequency of products...

The role of process optimisation to improve MRO strategy

One of the biggest negative factors relating to MRO procurement efficiency is the complexity involved, but as this report explains, by streamlining the supplier ordering process, much of this complexi...

A proven process to improve best practice in MRO

This white paper sets out a clear process to help organisations achieve efficiency and cost savings to cut through MRO complexity.

How inventory reduction can help improve your MRO strategy

Research shows that many organisations turn a blind eye to MRO inventories, which leads to costly inefficiencies.

The role of supplier alignment for improving your MRO strategy

Due to the complexity of procurement, aligning suppliers can create significant efficiency gains and cost savings. This report highlights the ways in which an organisation can streamline its number of...