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Driving procurement efficiency for MRO supplies

Why product substitution should be part of your MRO strategy

An effective MRO procurement strategy should take into account product substitution. This is the intelligent alignment of products an organisation purchases which can create significant savings.

How to maximise MRO savings by involving all stakeholders

The biggest threat to efficient MRO procurement, this white paper explains, is conflict between multiple stakeholders within an organisation.

Maximising MRO savings potential without compromising Finance KPIs

This report focuses on the role the finance division can play in making efficiencies in MRO procurement. The paper examines the importance of finance KPIs within an organisation

How to maximise MRO savings without compromising Operations KPIs

This report looks at the role the operations division plays in creating significant savings in the procurement process.

How pricing solutions can improve your MRO procurement efficiency

This white paper examines why product discounts alone are not a sustainable method of achieving cost savings in MRO procurement.

How to maximise MRO savings without compromising Engineering KPIs

The engineering division can play a crucial role in achieving significant savings in the procurement process. This report looks at the positive impacts the division can have on MRO procurement.

How to maximise MRO savings without compromising Procurement KPIs

Research carried out by RS shows that companies can make significant savings on MRO if they work with stakeholders and align their objectives.

Power dynamics in procurement

Successfully implementing an improved MRO strategy requires the right mix of procurement talent to fit an organisation’s stakeholders