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Driving MRO efficiency
Water Innovation Hero

A new wave of technology

A recent round table event hosted by RS showed how IIoT technology could provide a boost in productivity for the water industry, provided security is made a priority

Putting IIoT into Practice

We assemble a group of industry experts to explain how the Industrial Internet of Things is impacting the manufacturing sector and MRO procurement
siemens factory carousel large

The new shop floor

Is the UK set for ‘smart manufacturing’? Connected Thinking visited Siemens’ UK factory to find out more about the shift toward Industry 4.0
RSC001RA32 - Richard Jeffers Q&A -785x558-01

Are you ready for maintenance 4.0?

RS Components’ Richard Jeffers looks at how technology is changing the nature of maintenance engineering

The importance of asset and workplace safety

Typically when looking to invest in new machinery, or to simply maintain, improve or upgrade equipment that still has plenty of life left in it, your main considerations will usually be around cost, f...

The robots are coming... embrace it

As UK manufacturing begins to embrace the fourth industrial revolution, robots are set to play a key role in improving productivity across the sector
Supplier Supply Chain - 7216 - 785x558

Building Supply Chain Resilience Requires Strategic Approach

Emma Botfield, Regional Managing Director (UK and Ireland) at RS Components (RS), highlights why manufacturers should take a strategic approach to ensure resilience underpins their essential supply ch...

Building UK Manufacturing Resilience

As the challenges of the last 12 months have clearly demonstrated, business resilience must look beyond the confines of financial stability. It should also incorporate a strengthened supply chain, ong...