Driving MRO efficiency
PPE Shape of safety - excerpt

PPE: The shape of safety has changed

In an uncertain market, with global supply chain volatility, raw materials shortages, and inflationary pressures the combined strengths of a new name in PPE supplies offers many benefits to manufactur...
Value of PPE - F&B - Excerpt

The value of PPE expertise

When it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), how can food and beverage manufacturers get more than the minimum legal compliance?
PPE Reduces Risk - OEM - Excerpt

Why PPE expertise reduces risks for manufacturers

Working with specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers can help manufacturers to reduce health and safety risks and more
Delivering efficiencies PPE CS1

Delivering procurement efficiencies with PPE

For those operating in the Food & Beverage sector, sourcing PPE supplies has long been critical to operations, even before the pandemic.