Driving MRO efficiency

2021 Indirect Procurement Report

The 2021 Indirect Procurement Report provides an in-depth look at the category for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), the continued impact of COVID-19 and the role of technology and sustainab...
Continuity - excerpt

Maintaining continuity in MRO

You might expect the pandemic to have pushed business continuity planning for critical parts up the agenda in 2021 Indirect Procurement Report. But it hasn't. Why is this and what lessons can we learn...
Stakeholders - excerpt

Managing stakeholders - a critical skill for MRO procurement

In the 2021 Indirect Procurement Report the percentage of people saying managing stakeholders is a daily challenge rose to almost half. So how can you improve relationships?
Sustainability - excerpt

Making MRO sustainable

Sustainable and ethical procurement has risen to the top of the agenda for MRO professionals. With stakeholders expecting the highest standards, procurement holds the company's reputation in its hands...
Covid - excerpt

Managing the COVID recovery in MRO

After the disruption caused by the pandemic, recovery has brought its own problems as organisations try to scale up production. The pressure is on to get things moving again. So what should MRO do nex...
Digital - excerpt

Digital tools are now key to cost effectiveness in MRO

MRO procurement teams are increasingly turning to digital tools to improve efficiency. Automation allows team to delegate day-to-day decisions to end users within a controlled environment.
Managing risk in MRO - excerpt

Managing risk in MRO: learning from recent crises

While events from the last couple of years may be once in a lifetime occurrence, they contain valuable lessons for indirect procurement professionals looking ahead to future challenges
MRO in the 2020s - excerpt

The new normal? MRO in the 2020s

First came coronavirus and widespread industrial shutdowns. Then Brexit and new border checks, followed by the Suez Canal blockage and transport holdups.