MRO procurement is changing. Don’t get left behind

With rapidly evolving technology set to dramatically impact the indirect procurement supply chain, procurement teams need to stay ahead of the curve to avoid dr...


Why ethical procurement matters

CIPS’ Emma Scott explains the importance of an ethical procurement policy and how to ensure your organisation stays on the right side of the law

Service excellence

Calibrated success

RS offers customers peace of mind with its expert calibration service. Any organisation that regularly makes use of measuring instruments will be aware of the i...

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Manufacturing cost savings through MRO

As OEMs spend significant amounts of money on MRO purchases, it's an area that companies should focus on to create a single strategy that creates efficienci...


Five steps to increased productivity

Three business leaders share their expert advice on how to boost productivity  

Process Industry

The full MRO package

MRO purchases in the packaging industry are often made more complicated by strict health and safety rules but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportu...


The future of industry 4.0

As the Internet of Things continues to grow and influence a greater number of businesses, we take an in-depth look at the practical uses for IoT, explain the po...

Service excellence

Two-way conversation

Head of Customer Experience Paula McKillen explains how customer feedback helps shape RS’s business strategy. Customer focus is directly linked to the com...