Knowledge economy

Procurement and MRO professionals have historically not been great at embracing social media. But the potential benefits of using new communication tools to imp...

Service excellence

Calibrated success

RS offers customers peace of mind with its expert calibration service. Any organisation that regularly makes use of measuring instruments will be aware of the i...


Taking the pain out of exporting

Sending MRO parts and tools outside the UK can be difficult, both in terms of logistics and compliance. But by working with a global supplier it’s possibl...


Why safety is the number-one priority in manufacturing

Workplace accidents can be devastating to manufacturers, so a sensible safety strategy and collaborative relationship with suppliers is essential


Putting customer service before price

RS industry sector manager Chris Cruise explains why procurement teams should put service levels before cost cutting  


Managing cost saving strategies and financial performance in MRO procurement

This white paper introduces the potential benefits to organisations of introducing an MRO strategy

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Manufacturing cost savings through MRO

As OEMs spend significant amounts of money on MRO purchases, it's an area that companies should focus on to create a single strategy that creates efficienci...


Five steps to increased productivity

Three business leaders share their expert advice on how to boost productivity