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This year's Indirect Procurement Report provides an in-depth overview of the fast-changing category of supplies for Maintenance, Repair and Operations

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Meeting the challenges of a fast-changing world

It’s been described as a perfect storm. War in Europe, extreme weather including heat waves across Europe, the drive to net zero, rising ethical expectations and the lingering effects of COVID-19 and Brexit. How should indirect procurement respond to these challenges?

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"Procurement people have got a massive ability to manage and influence internal stakeholders and show them the value they can add."

Helen Alder, Head of Knowledge & Learning Development at
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

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How to embrace change and transformation

Procurement teams are second only to operations in managing change in their organisations, according to 2022’s Indirect Procurement Report. But change management can be daunting, so how do you get started?

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"As the pressure rises, transformation will be the watchword for MRO procurement. There’s a clear need to embrace change, take up new technologies, and digitalise processes to improve efficiency and transparency."

Emma Botfield, Managing Director UK & Ireland, RS

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