Driving MRO efficiency
Stakeholders - excerpt

Managing stakeholders - a critical skill for MRO procurement

In the 2021 Indirect Procurement Report the percentage of people saying managing stakeholders is a daily challenge rose to almost half. So how can you improve relationships?
Risk management - excerpt

Why risk management needs to be a top priority in MRO procurement

Risks, by their very nature, are unpredictable. Few foresaw the COVID-19 pandemic with its devastating impact on both human life and the economy.
Change management - 785x558

Managing change in MRO procurement

In the midst of a pandemic, staying on top of an ever-evolving procurement landscape has presented significant challenges.

The secret of good internal communication

Kate Jones, chair of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) explains why employee engagement is vital to business success

Talking the talk

With its complex purchase-to-pay process and multiple stakeholders, MRO procurement requires outstanding people skills

Collaboration is king and part of our culture

Collaboration within organisations is on the increase. How can you encourage productive collaboration, both internally and externally?

Knowledge economy

Procurement and MRO professionals have historically not been great at embracing social media. But the potential benefits of using new communication tools to improve processes, collaboration and best p...

Power dynamics in procurement

Successfully implementing an improved MRO strategy requires the right mix of procurement talent to fit an organisation’s stakeholders