Driving MRO efficiency
Meeting the challenges of a fast-changing world (785 x 558)

Meeting the challenges of a fast-changing world

It’s been described as a perfect storm. Conflict in Europe, the drive to net zero, rising ethical expectations and the lingering effects of COVID-19 and Brexit. How should indirect procurement respond...
How to embrace change and transformation (785 x 558)

How to embrace change and transformation

Procurement teams are second only to operations in managing change in their organisations, according to 2022’s Indirect Procurement Report. But change management can be daunting, so how do you get sta...
Engineers Are The Critical Factor In Business Success - 785x558

Maintenance engineers are critical for business success

Companies with high-performing maintenance engineering teams outperform their competitors on all key business metrics, according to research by McKinsey. Here’s how you can build a winning engineering...
Why maintenance engineering is valuable to society 785x558

Why maintenance engineering is valuable to society

Whether it’s tackling climate change or helping to ‘level up’ deprived communities, maintenance engineering underpins efforts to make the world a better place
Stakeholders - excerpt

Managing stakeholders - a critical skill for MRO procurement

In the 2021 Indirect Procurement Report the percentage of people saying managing stakeholders is a daily challenge rose to almost half. So how can you improve relationships?
Risk management - excerpt

Why risk management needs to be a top priority in MRO procurement

Risks, by their very nature, are unpredictable. Few foresaw the COVID-19 pandemic with its devastating impact on both human life and the economy.
Change management - 785x558

Managing change in MRO procurement

In the midst of a pandemic, staying on top of an ever-evolving procurement landscape has presented significant challenges.

The secret of good internal communication

Kate Jones, chair of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) explains why employee engagement is vital to business success