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Driving procurement efficiency for MRO supplies
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Managing MRO on multiple sites

Achieving stakeholder compliance for indirect purchases is difficult in one location. So how can organisations effectively manage multiple sites?
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MRO in focus

Connected Thinking's recent roundtable discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities arising from indirect procurement and MRO supplies as organisations in all industries seek to drive improv...
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Preparing for change: The evolution of MRO procurement

In this white paper RS & CIPS analyse research conducted with procurement professionals on the challenges of indirect procurement and MRO supplies.

MRO procurement is changing. Don’t get left behind

With rapidly evolving technology set to dramatically impact the indirect procurement supply chain, procurement teams need to stay ahead of the curve to avoid drifting into obscurity

Why changing your MRO strategy will benefit your bottom line

Indirect procurement, and the processes connected to MRO purchases, are changing – what will these changes mean, and how will they impact long-term costs?

Making change easy

RS’s Mike England explains how MRO suppliers can play a key role in evolving your MRO procurement strategy to keep up with changing trends and technology

Five ways MRO procurement is set to change

The five biggest disruptors revolutionising the indirect procurement process
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Pulling together

Why a good MRO strategy will only succeed if you ensure stakeholder buy-in across your organisation