Driving MRO efficiency
A Joined-up approach - excerpt

A joined-up approach to MRO

Connecting maintenance solutions with procurement and inventory solutions offers major benefits for MRO, says Richard Graham, industry sector manager at RS.  
8 challenges in the utlities sector - excerpt

8 procurement challenges in the Utilities sector

Chris Cruise, industry sector manager for utilities at RS, shares his insights into how MRO suppliers can help the industry to face key challenges.  
5 challenges facing process manufacturers - excerpt

5 challenges in food and drink manufaturing

The right MRO supplier can help food and drink manufacturers to address 5 key challenges, says Craig Stasik, an industry sector manager at RS.
MRO today - excerpt

MRO today: the transportation and defence industries

RS Industry Sector Manager for Transportation and Defence, Greg Sharp, shares his insights into current MRO trends in these sectors.  
Understanding MRO in the public sector - excerpt

Understanding MRO in the public sector

Industry Sector Manager Damian Wynne shares how RS expertise supports MRO in a range of public sector services.

The full MRO package

MRO purchases in the packaging industry are often made more complicated by strict health and safety rules but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to make efficiencies
2020 IPR - Global Report - Manufac' - Square

2020 Indirect Procurement Report - Manufacturing

Manufacturing has borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some factories forced to close while makers of essential goods have had to increase production and cope with disrupted supply chains. R...
2020 IPR - Global Report - T&D - Square

2020 Indirect Procurement Report – Transport and Defence

The Transport and defence sector has been impacted by COVID-19 in the same way as all other industries. This exclusive report explores the procurement impact of the COVID-19 crisis on organi...