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Indirect Procurement Report 2018 - Drivers of Change

In this exclusive 2018 report, challenges are explored for professionals managing the indirect procurement category of supplies for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO).

The pressures facing procurement professionals today

Recent research shows professionals responsible for indirect procurement and MRO supplies face a range of pressures both on a day-to-day basis and at a strategic level.

Five ways to navigate changes in MRO procurement

While change is not always predictable, there are still ways that organisations can prepare for it. Here are five ways to future proof MRO procurement in your business.

Why embracing innovation opens up opportunities for your business

Three industry experts explore attitudes towards new technologies and how these innovations help to solve common MRO procurement problems.

Strategies for managing MRO

Organisations are adopting new services and innovations to manage supplies for MRO (maintenance, repair and operations). Here we explore strategies and how your supplier can support you in your search...

Responding to change

A gathering of procurement professionals to discuss changes within MRO revealed the importance of relationships and trust in managing change successfully

What factors are driving change in MRO procurement?

MRO is changing – and quickly. According to a recent survey amongst Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply members, 44% anticipate “complete change” in company strategy over the next five years...