Driving MRO efficiency
Meeting the challenges of a fast-changing world (785 x 558)

Meeting the challenges of a fast-changing world

It’s been described as a perfect storm. Conflict in Europe, the drive to net zero, rising ethical expectations and the lingering effects of COVID-19 and Brexit. How should indirect procurement respond...
How to embrace change and transformation (785 x 558)

How to embrace change and transformation

Procurement teams are second only to operations in managing change in their organisations, according to 2022’s Indirect Procurement Report. But change management can be daunting, so how do you get sta...
ESG is more important than ever   (785 x 558)

ESG is more important than ever

The extreme weather conditions in the UK this summer have focused minds on the need to reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change. It’s also increased the imperative for companies to address Env...
Continuity - excerpt

Maintaining continuity in MRO

You might expect the pandemic to have pushed business continuity planning for critical parts up the agenda in 2021 Indirect Procurement Report. But it hasn't. Why is this and what lessons can we learn...
Stakeholders - excerpt

Managing stakeholders - a critical skill for MRO procurement

In the 2021 Indirect Procurement Report the percentage of people saying managing stakeholders is a daily challenge rose to almost half. So how can you improve relationships?
Sustainability - excerpt

Making MRO sustainable

Sustainable and ethical procurement has risen to the top of the agenda for MRO professionals. With stakeholders expecting the highest standards, procurement holds the company's reputation in its hands...
RSC001RA34 - Tropical fish -785x558-01

Tropical fish - a lesson in leadership

RS Components' Technical Director Richard Jeffers shares his experience in effective leadership and the importance of communication in achieving this
Managing risk in MRO - excerpt

Managing risk in MRO: learning from recent crises

While events from the last couple of years may be once in a lifetime occurrence, they contain valuable lessons for indirect procurement professionals looking ahead to future challenges