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Driving procurement efficiency for MRO supplies

Powering efficiency

Renewable power firm Infinis is driving procurement efficiencies with the help of RS  

Investing in people

Director of Learning and Development Ian Wearne explains why RS’s investment in training will drive significant benefits for customers

Prepare to adapt for future success

Procurement, and business in general, never stands still. Because technology, culture and values continually evolve at a rapid pace.

Collaboration is king and part of our culture

Collaboration within organisations is on the increase. How can you encourage productive collaboration, both internally and externally?

The secret of good internal communication

Kate Jones, chair of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) explains why employee engagement is vital to business success

Five steps to increased productivity

Three business leaders share their expert advice on how to boost productivity  

Managing success

Cranfield School of Management’s Mike Bourne on what he believes are the fundamentals of good management
RSC001RA34 - Tropical fish -785x558-01

Tropical fish - a lesson in leadership

RS Components' Technical Director Richard Jeffers shares his experience in effective leadership and the importance of communication in achieving this