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Driving MRO efficiency
Risk management - excerpt

Why risk management needs to be a top priority in MRO procurement

Risks, by their very nature, are unpredictable. Few foresaw the COVID-19 pandemic with its devastating impact on both human life and the economy.
Compliance - Excerpt

MRO compliance: A critical post-pandemic component

Compliance can seem like a necessary evil - one of those things you have to do but which adds little value. Nothing could be further from the truth.
RSC001RA34 - Tropical fish -785x558-01

Tropical fish - a lesson in leadership

RS Components' Technical Director Richard Jeffers shares his experience in effective leadership and the importance of communication in achieving this
Change management - 785x558

Managing change in MRO procurement

In the midst of a pandemic, staying on top of an ever-evolving procurement landscape has presented significant challenges.

Technology enabling change

The crisis of COVID-19 has forced businesses to adapt - and fast, with the pace of digital transformation accelerating

The secret of good internal communication

Kate Jones, chair of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) explains why employee engagement is vital to business success

CIPS Annual Conference 2019 review

Procurement's time has come. Standing for something can be a great way of standing out. And when it comes to sustainability and having a purpose, supply chains offer great potential.

Talking the talk

With its complex purchase-to-pay process and multiple stakeholders, MRO procurement requires outstanding people skills