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Driving procurement efficiency for MRO supplies
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Indirect Procurement Report 2018 - Drivers of Change

In this white paper RS & CIPS analyse research conducted with procurement professionals on the challenges of indirect procurement and MRO supplies
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Preparing for change: The evolution of MRO procurement

In this white paper RS & CIPS analyse research conducted with procurement professionals on the challenges of indirect procurement and MRO supplies.

How MRO complexity conceals signficiant potential cost savings

This white paper outlines the three key methods of unraveling MRO complexity by focusing on involving all relevant stakeholders, analysing consumption data and accurately tracking any savings achieved...

The role of MRO procurement in business effectiveness

This report explains how MRO procurement can have an impact on the overall effectiveness of an organisation.

Managing cost saving strategies and financial performance in MRO procurement

This white paper introduces the potential benefits to organisations of introducing an MRO strategy

Why organisations underestimate the true costs of MRO

This report explains that if an organisation’s MRO products spend budget is £100,000, they actually spend more than £300,000 in total procurement costs.

How understanding big data helps unlock MRO savings

Research shows companies that embrace data analytics in their decision-making process see, on average, a 26% improvement in performance.