Driving MRO efficiency
Plan for the worst  - 785x558

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many businesses were unprepared to deal with the impact on their operations. We look at the lessons to be learned and what you can do to prepare for future events.
Finance for Engineers 785x558

Why engineers must get to grips with finance

Have you ever been frustrated when a proposal for what seemed to you like a sensible process improvement is turned down on financial grounds? Understanding how finance works could be one of your best...

What is the future of procurement?

Here we share the key themes from the 2023 Procurement Futures conference exploring the opportunities and challenges facing procurement today  
Engineering strategy - 785x558

How to build a successful maintenance engineering strategy

A maintenance engineering strategy sets out the guiding principles that will enable an organisation to meet its objectives. The challenge is to create one that reflects reality over optimism.  
Building resilience in supply chains by digitisation  - 785x558

Digitise your supply chains to ensure resilience

Just-in-case is replacing just-in-time for manufacturing supply chains as the aftershocks of the pandemic and Brexit continue. Digital solutions are emerging as the key to resilience.
Six steps to digital manufacturing success  - 785x558

Six steps to digital manufacturing success

Most industry experts agree that digital manufacturing is the future. But how do you get there while maintaining production and without breaking the bank? Here are six steps to set you on the road to...

Why ethical procurement matters

CIPS’ Emma Scott explains the importance of an ethical procurement policy and how to ensure your organisation stays on the right side of the law