Driving MRO efficiency
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Keeping coffee flowing for a leading manufacturer

Downtime costs UK manufacturing billions of pounds each year. Faulty machinery leads to losses and an astonishing 70% of businesses accept downtime erodes customer satisfaction.
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Unlocking the value of consolidated delivery

Multiple MRO transactions add unnecessary business costs, but with support from the right supplier these can be removed
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Tools of the trade

With food and beverage manufacturers under increasing pressure to maintain high safety standards, it’s vital to work with suppliers on tool traceability
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Digital tools are now key to cost effectiveness in MRO

MRO procurement teams are increasingly turning to digital tools to improve efficiency. Automation allows team to delegate day-to-day decisions to end users within a controlled environment.
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Moving manufacturing at pace with MRO

As in all sectors, manufacturing, steels and metals face pressure on maintenance budgets, which means Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) professionals must get the best value for every pound they...
Make Report 2 - Jan 2022

Meeting the challenges of the UK manufacturing recovery

The Make UK/PwC Executive Survey 2022, published in January 2022, says that despite the challenges of COVID-19 and Brexit, “manufacturers are looking to the future with a level of confidence that migh...

Upgrading to first class MRO

For the aerospace and defence sectors, the diverse nature of indirect procurement spending means that significant savings can be made through having the right MRO strategy

Product Plus: improving efficiency and safety

Procurement teams and engineers face several challenges regarding the maintenance, repair and operation of their organisation’s assets and facilities. The supply chain for indirect materials is comple...